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Automated Environmental Footprint Reporting System

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GreenEdge automates the data collection and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for companies and supplies a real-time environmental footprint tracking system for companies to reduce their climate impact.

Automated Data Collection

Data is automatically collected by API-integrations or real-time data collected from sensors.

Visualize CO2

Measuring carbon emissions creates awareness and awareness creates motivation.

Global Standard

GreenEdge uses the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a basis for structuring carbon emissions & reporting

Watch this seminar in cooperation with Intel® to learn more about GreenEdge!

GreenEdge provides the full package

Why GreenEdge?

We strongly believe that following up on environmental performance with the same accuracy and frequency as with financial- and safety performance goals is key to succeed in transformation and achieving environmental goals.

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This is how we do it

Data is collected by connecting to sensors, automatically retrieving from internal or external data sources or even through applications provided by the supplier. We provide installation services with easy to install clamp-on sensors to augment data collection. With accessible consumption metrics we can transform your data to carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2-equivalent).


GreenEdge comes as a base package with all features included. Site installation package is recommended but not mandatory. GreenEdge can connect with other systems for retrieving automatic data. Please contact us if you have more questions.

Site package


  • IoT Gateway
  • Water meter
  • Energy meter

Physical installation


  • Pre-configuration of hardware
  • Physical installation of:
  •     Gateway
  •     Water meter
  •     Energy meter
  •     District heating

System Integrations

Fixed rateper hour

  • Collect data from an existing data source(s)
  • Visualize collected data in dashboard

Sensor Integrations

Fixed rateper hour

  • Get data from existing sensors in buildings
  • Visualize sensor data in dashboard